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Chair Caning &
Seat Weaving

Call 937-505-1942 for information.

A few facts to tell you about my background & experience in the art of seat weaving.

In June 2109 I sized down my living space, moved to Delaware, Ohio to be closer to and enjoy family.

Still busy with cane weaving projects and very happy to be working this craft.

So if you have a need for a seat to be replaced or question , please contact me anytime via e-mail or phone. Photos online really help too. Working from home allows me to keep flexible hours for customers--AND life in general.


Helen Cribbs

I started a retail business in 1991 called Wrap n Post in Springfield, Ohio. I always had at least two others on the payroll. We packed & shipped almost anything a customer wanted to get from here to there. A very fun filled, busy time!!

Then in 1993 I had the opportunity to add the mail order business, Peerless Rattan (the oldest to mail order chair caning, seat weaving, wicker & other rattan weaving supplies-1903) which was then in Yonkers, NY.

We made room to offer retail strand & binder cane, pressed cane, fibre rush, natural rush & tools to local  seat weavers too. By 2000 we were so crowded & busy, I sold the Wrap n Post & moved Peerless Rattan to a separate building on my residential property, Old Route 40. By this time I had learned how to strand cane correctly from Bob Parker of Yellow Springs & to fibre rush from Marty Gayer of nearby Urbana.

Somehow, by the GREAT FREE MEANS of word of mouth, I began to get chair cane work from 5 different furniture refinishers in Dayton, OH. And, I have never been without a project to weave for local customers since the move. And I also learned the other seat weave patterns as I went along. Even wicker repairs began to get left in my breezeway. I rarely said no to a repair. If I was unsure, I found a weaver with the right answer. And, fortunately I've had good wood repair fellows near me for the structural problems. God Bless Van!

Among my MANY DEARLY VALUED mail order customers was Ed Hammond. He was a customer of Peerless Rattan before I bought it. And during my time of ownership, kept hinting he would be interested in buying the business when he retired- at age 55!!. So here we are.

Peerless Rattan will continue but be located in the great state of Michigan as of 10/24/07. I do hope you will consider him and his wife Cindy for your caning supply needs.

I now have business cards that read Chairs Caned --"by appointment or chance". No set retail hours.

My favorite weaving is to strand caning  plus several patterns in binder cane.  Both of these I can do in the evening inside my home. Fibre rushing  with the twisted paper is drying on the hands and takes much arm strength. Real & natural rush, done in the same pattern, requires less effort. Replacing pressed, set in cane just takes time. These last three weaves must be done in the studio as they create more dust  & mess from the materials. Wicker repair takes the longest time as they  usually require much planning, thought , sometimes specialty weaving AND mostly patience. But I try to tackle whatever comes in, as it comes in.

Helen Cribbs-Chair Cane Instructor

Chairs Caned studio Springfield Ohio
Studio of Chairs Caned -Helen Cribbs
32 Birch Row Drive
Delaware OH 43015

Helen Cribbs, owner chair cane, seat weaver

Call 740-417-8282
(c) 937-717-8025

for chair caning lessons,group instruction or experienced seat weaving on your piece.

Helen Cribbs-Chair Cane Instructor

Helen Cribbs-Chair Cane Instructor

DOGS RULE!! I work in a two car heated garage separated from my house & another garage by this open breezeway. The space was designed to be & always has been used as a workshop. So blessed to be working at home-- AND in the company of my little buddies !

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Shop for all your wicker chair caning and rattan supplies at Peerless Rattan.


I plan to continue weaving for area customers, leading caning classes locally but am also available to teach anyone serious about strand & binder caning, whether on line or in person with a small group.

AND, it's my time to freely give back, to share the knowledge I have learned. All pattern instructions are yours to download for your personal use. Any questions & comment I will try to answer as best I can.

I live to cane & cane to live while.........

ALWAYS weaving the"X"s & Fish Heads

Helen Cribbs, owner of Chairs Caned


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